What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Order Patients a Device

We provide patients 4G devices that monitor blood pressure, glucose, pulse ox and/or weight. Devices send data back to our platform in real time.

Respond to
Abnormal Readings

When patients have abnormal readings, our 24/7 clinical team of nurses will call you patient, assess, and escalate relevant cases to the appropriate provider.

Bill the Payer for RPM/CCM

Our clinical team's interactions with your patient generate time towards the time-based RPM/CCM codes that you will bill monthly. We generate the billing reports each month and provide them to your billing department.

What devices do you use?

Who monitors the patient data?

Our Clinical Team

Our Clinical Team

Our clinical monitoring team of nurses and MAs monitors your patients 24/7, responding to readings, calling, assessing and escalating relevant cases to you.

Our Software

Your team will have access to our web-based, HIPAA-compliant RPM/CCM platform which serves as the hub for both programs.
Our Software

How much will get reimbursed for RPM?

Up to $193 per patient, per month.

First Month

Initial Enrollment

99453: Initial patient setup and enrollment into RPM program. Average $20.


Base Monthly RPM

99454: Remote monitoring and management of device readings. Average $55

Monitoring (20 mins)

99457: 20 minutes of clinical staff time communicating with patient or caregiver. Average $50.

Monitoring (40 mins)

99458: Additional 20 minutes of clinical staff communication with patient or caregiver. Average $44.

Monitoring (60 mins)

99458: Additional 20 minutes of clinical staff communication with patient or caregiver. Averages $44.

How much will get reimbursed for RPM

How will this benefit our patients?

-16 mgdl

Our clinic's average blood glucose improvement overtime

-11 mmhg

Average systolic blood pressure improvement overtime

-9 mmhg

Average diastolic blood pressure improvement overtime

-4 bpm

Average resting heart rate improvement overtime

-17 lbs

Average weight loss improvement overtime


Medication adherence increase

How will you keep our patients engaged?

Automated Reminders

In addition to our live agents who call patients, our automated reminder system will send SMS reminders to patients to remind them to take their readings.

Consumables Included

We supply patients with consumables for their devices, including batteries, diabetic lancets and test strips as part of our service.

Care Coordinators

When enrolled in our CCM program, every patient will be assigned their own personal care coordinator. Developing a trusting, and meaningful relationship with patients will ensure long-term adherence.

How do we get started?


Receive Analysis

Receive a complimentary analysis of how many patients qualify for RPM and CCM, along with your estimated costs and reimbursement.


Ship Devices

Once patient consent has been obtained, will ship devices and consumables to your patients' homes.


Get Reimbursed

We'll provide a monthly billing report so your biller can easily generate RPM and CCM claims.


Get Consent

Our team will call patients to educate them about RPM and CCM and obtain their consent.



Our RNs will call your patients when their readings are abnormal and escalate appropriate ones to your attention.

Enhanced Patient
Enhanced Care.

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