Increase Participation and Reduce the Cost of Care

Nsight identifies, enrolls, and keeps members adherent to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care. 

10% improvement in stage 2 hypertension within 3 months

Nsight has shown quality improvement through reductions in all-cause hospitalizations and an average decrease in hospital length of stay.

Empowering patients to drive powerful change beyond the confines of a physician's office.

Identify Patients & Enrich Data

Identify at-risk members by evaluating and enriching data sets leveraging a Nationwide database of historical longitudinal medical encounters. Focus on members likely to be hospitalized.

Strategically Enroll & Onboard

Enroll and onboard 60% or more eligible members by leveraging our Nationwide provider partner program. Providers allow Nsight to white label their practices to improve outreach by providing PMPM incentives and remote care FFS optionality.

Complete Assessments & Collect Data

Conduct preventative assessments and collect ongoing biometrics including heart rate, blood sugar, oxygen levels, weight or medication adherence from 80% or more of members monthly.

Improve Outcomes & Reduce Cost

Combining enriched datasets, along with AI/ML modeling of collected assessments and biometrics via high enrollment and adherence rates, ensure strategic closure of care gaps and timely intervention prior to hospitalization.

Features of NsightCare Health Plans


Nsight health coaches provide timely support, tailored goal setting, and achievable plans.


Nsight health coaches provide timely support, tailored goal setting, and achievable plans.


Nsight health coaches provide timely support, tailored goal setting, and achievable plans.


Nsight’s Customized Health Plans Reduce Costs and Result in Better Health Outcomes


Help hospitals operate more efficiently, improve patient care, and promote better health outcomes for the community.


Automated systems can improve diabetes management for patients with continuous monitoring and personalized care, leading to better outcomes and efficiency in hoscpitals.


Continuous monitoring and tailored treatments for hypertension patients, leading to improved management and resource efficiency in hospitals.


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Equitable Care with Nsight

Effortless Onboarding

Nsight makes onboarding easy with user-friendly devices, pre-connected to each member’s account without the need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Increased Engagement

Nsight helps increase engagement with an intuitive, user-friendly app and a personalized dashboard.

Accessible Care Teams

Round-the-clock support from care teams trained to close care gaps, positively impacting HEDIS and Stars measures.

Join us on our mission to positively impact millions.

High converting enrollment campaigns and effective long-term adherence through nurses building relationships who show they truly care are the largest drivers to creating positive outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

Enhanced Patient
Enhanced Care.

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