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Empowering health systems to leverage internal programs for their most vulnerable patients, our white-labeled RPM/CCM/BHI program enables the scaling of remote care from hundreds to tens of thousands of patients. It covers everything from supplying monitoring devices to patient enrollment, 24/7 clinical monitoring, and EHR integration—all under a performance-based model. 

10% improvement in stage 2 hypertension within 3 months

Nsight has shown quality improvement through reductions in all-cause hospitalizations and an average decrease in hospital length of stay.

Nsight seamlessly integrates with your EMR, patient portals, and existing prvider processes. No need for new technologies or additional logins for providers or patients.

Provider Workflow

Referrals are ordered through the EMR, and providers have access to all patients' vital information presented in discrete fields within the EMR system.

Patient Engagement

Patients vitals and health information can be integrated with health system patient portal and lifestyle devices.

Consolidated Billing

All patient data readings, timestamps, and interactions are consolidated within the Nsight platform. This platform automatically generates CPT codes for each patient, along with patient and claims information, and integrates them into the existing billing workflow via HL7.

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White Labeled & 100% Pay Per Performance

EMR Integrations


Nsight’s virtual care programs for multiple conditions have achieved positive health results.


Help hospitals operate more efficiently, improve patient care, and promote better health outcomes for the community.


Automated systems can improve diabetes management for patients with continuous monitoring and personalized care, leading to better outcomes and efficiency in hoscpitals.


Continuous monitoring and tailored treatments for hypertension patients, leading to improved management and resource efficiency in hospitals.


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High converting enrollment campaigns and effective long-term adherence through nurses building relationships who show they truly care are the largest drivers to creating positive outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

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