Nsight Health and UT Health Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer Remote Patient Monitoring to Patients

Miami, September 1, 2023 – Nsight Health (Nsight), the industry leader in remote care services for patients and physician groups, is delighted to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership with the prestigious University of Texas Health (UTH). Under the leadership of CEO Michael Ciullo, this collaboration promises to revolutionize healthcare delivery, foster innovation, and elevate patient care to new levels.

Nsight, with its cutting-edge technology and dedication to enhancing patient experiences, has earned a reputation as a pioneer in remote care services along with being the fastest-growing company in the space. This partnership aligns seamlessly with UTH’s mission to advance healthcare through research, education, and clinical excellence. By joining forces, Nsight and UTH aim to set new standards in healthcare delivery, leveraging technology to bridge gaps and enhance patient outcomes.

CEO Michael Ciullo stated, “Nsight is proud to join forces with the University of Texas Health system. Together, we have an incredible opportunity to shape the future of healthcare, emphasizing the importance of technology in delivering patient-centered care. We are confident that this partnership will set a new standard for healthcare excellence.”

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the collaboration between Nsight and the UTH signifies a remarkable step towards a future where healthcare is more accessible, efficient, and patient-focused on outcomes.

About Nsight: Nsight is a leading provider of remote care services for physicians, including Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), and Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), set out to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered. With innovative technology and a commitment to improving patient outcomes, Nsight empowers physicians to provide high-quality care from anywhere. For more information, visit www.nsightcare.com.

About University of Texas Health: The University of Texas Health (UTH) is dedicated to advancing healthcare through research, education, and clinical excellence. With more than 2,000 clinicians certified in more than 80 medical specialties, UTH provides high-quality care to patients and is at the forefront of healthcare innovation. For more information, visit https://www.utphysicians.com/ 

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